Please give today to fund emergency renovations to our community center!

Update March 2024

The Community Center Renovations Committee is grateful for the generosity of the Philoptochos who initiated the project of renovating the 38-year-old building with a grant of $20,000 and for the great response of members, ex-members and friends of the community in the area and all over the country.  The Philoptochos grant became the seed for the matching fund which brought in $ 20,725.00.  That means, the community center had a new roof just before winter settled in!

New Roof 2024


Presently the committee is looking to replace the emergency door with a new steel door and replace the double doors in the storage area as well with new steel doors. Before the end of July of this year, the community center will have a new siding and repaired windows and new screens. The above work will secure and beautify the exterior of the community center.

With God’s help we aim to start renovating the interior by the end of the year with another fund raiser. Donations towards the renovations of the interior are always welcomed at any time.

Your donation of any amount will make a huge impact in preserving the community center for generations to come. The community center was constructed in the 1980’s with a generous donation from the Dean Metropoulos family and community members. After 40 years the building needs immediate attention to bring it up to current standards.


Make sure to type: "Community Center" in the "add a note for the seller" on the Checkout page 


Or send a check, making out the check to "Dormition Greek Orthodox Church -Community Center."

Mail to: Attention Com. Center Committee, Dormition Greek Orthodox Church, 600 South Willard St., Burlington, VT 05401-4169 


Your donation is greatly appreciated! 

If you have further questions, please contact Eleni Churchill, Chairperson of the Building Committee at