Parish Council

To serve on the Parish Council is a ministry and all those who serve are called to represent Christ and the Orthodox Faith to all whom they meet in all aspects of life. The members of the Parish Council shall attend the Divine Liturgy regularly and participate in the sacramental life of the Church, thereby setting an example for the Parishioners. They must live their lives in accordance with the Faith and Canons of the Orthodox Church.

The Parish Council shall consist of the Priest and a number of elected lay members. The Parish Council is responsible to the Parish Assembly; and the Priest and Parish Council together are responsible to the Metropolitan of Boston for the whole life and activities of the Parish. The Priest as head of the Parish, by virtue of the ecclesiastical authority vested in him, shall guide and oversee the Parish cooperatively with the Parish Council.

More information about the duties and responsibilities of the Parish Council may be found here and here.

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2021 Parish Council Members:

Ex-officio - Fr. Andreas Papayiannis, Proistamenos (non-voting)

President - Eleni Churchill
Vice President - Nectar Rorris
Secretary - Jacqueline Maria
Treasurer - Nicholas Pitt

Members - Greg Lambesis; Sotos Papaseraphim; Adriana Putregai; Nancy Trombley